Adopt a Beehive – help our bees to bee

Sponsor a beehive at The Hive Much Birch and help the bees!

Sponsor a hive of bees cared for using Natural Beekeeping methods

Would you or your organisation like to adopt a beehive, then read on because this is probably the best beehive sponsorship scheme in the UK. Our name is The Hive, we are natural beekeepers. This means that we do not keep bees for honey production, we just keep bees for the fun of helping the bee population to thrive and help the environment. 

If you sponsor a beehive, it means that we are able to add to our beekeeping capacity and help more bees.

What do I get for adopting and sponsoring a beehive?

Any UK based  business, schools, individuals  or a charity can adopt and sponsor a beehive, You can expect the following:

  • The satisfaction in the knowledge that you are helping to save the bees. Your sponsorship is also having a positive impact on the environment.
  • A plaque with your organisation logo and message placed on the hive you sponsor.
  • Pictures of your adopted beehive and bees.
  • A certificate of beehive adoption with your organisation’s name.
  • A page on our website with details of your adopted hive and your name on the page.
  • Social media updates of your adopted hive that you can share.
  • A goodie bag containing wildflower seeds and other hive products.
  • A visit by appointment to your sponsored beehive in our apiary.


What is different about our “adopt a beehive” sponsorship project?

  • The difference is that we are passionate about bees and bees alone, not honey.  No more no less! We do not make or sell honey, we just help the bees to thrive and go about their task of pollinating plants and helping the environment.
  • We take a holistic, natural approach to beekeeping. This means that we do not treat our bees with chemicals.
  • We do not carry out pointless intrusive inspections on our bees.
  • We provide them with a hive and some tender loving care so that they can be bees!

Yes, I am ready to sponsor and adopt a beehive

Excellent choice, we look forward to working with you to help the bees. Please click here to add a beehive adoption to your shopping cart.

Adopt a beehive to sponsor (shopping cart listing)

Sponsor a beehive! Here is what comes with our adopt a beehive package:

  • 1 x new or an existing beehive designated to you.
  • 1 x adoption certificate with your organisation details.
  • 5 x wildflower seeds packet
  • A dedicated page on our website for your sponsored hive, with you organisation details
  • Social media updates you can share
  • A plaque with your organisation logo and message placed on the hive you sponsor.
  • Your company logo will be uploaded to our dedicated Adopt a Beehive Client page
  • We can paint the hives to match your corporate colour free of charge as long as you provide us with the paint or cover the cost for the paint

Adopting a beehive will bring the following benefits:

  • A bold statement about your Corporate Sustainability values
  • Help the bees and other pollinator insects to thrive
  • Promote biodiversity
  • Add value to your brand

Adopt or sponsor a Beehive in 2023


        Register your interest in adopting or sponsoring a beehive!

Have you or your organisation ever thought of adopting a beehive? It is a great way to help the bees without being a beekeeper.  We have limited beehive sponsoring opportunities for 2023. There is a tidal of 7 hives available for sponsorship. You can register your interest by contacting us. We  allocated hive adoption/sponsorship places on a first come first serve basis. You do not need to pay a deposit, just register your interest and we will provisionally make a hive available for sponsorship in the spring of 2023.

Here are some  reasons individuals and organisation adopted or sponsored a beehive

  1. CSR
  2. Just to help the bees and other pollinators
  3. Company branding

Carbon footprint offsetting.   Find a great carbon footprint calculator at Incredible Carbon.