Bees, gardening and nature guest posting opportunity

Our passion for bees, plants, gardening and nature means The Hive is always looking for informative articles about the aforementioned topics. We are currently looking for articles on the following topics:

We seek contents on the following topics

  • Natural beekeeping
  • Planting for bees
  • Article on pollinators other than bees
  • Article about moths

The hive guest posting guidelines and tips

If you are new to writing a guest post, the guidelines below may help you get started with your guest post.

  • Tell a story

  • – Every good story starts with an introduction, the main body of the story and a conclusion.

  • Stay on topic

  • – Stay on topic and keep to the topic you are writing about.

  • Write in the third or first person

  • – We are pretty relaxed about the voice used in your article. You can write as yourself or in the third person. We just ask that you are consistent; use one voice through your article.

  • Authoritative evidence

  • – It is okay to claim that product A is better than product B. You must however corroborate your claim, with evidence from a respected third party. Your personal anecdotal evidence is no good enough.

  • Link to at least one article on Temi’s blog

  • – There are hundreds of articles in Temi’s blog. Find the right keyword/anchor text in your article and link to at least one of the articles.

  • 1,000 words or more

  • – What is worth doing at all is worth doing well. While we want your article to be concise and focused, it needs to be at least 1,000 words or more to stand a chance of being featured on Temi’s blog.

  • Images & videos

  • – We give higher priority to articles illustrated with images, pictures or videos. Articles with unique custom images do particularly well in our blog.

  • Links to at least 1-2 authority resources

  • Exclusivity

  • – The article you write for The Hive should not be published anywhere else.

  • Author’s bio

  • – Naturally, we give credit where it’s due. Please include brief information about you, including a link to your site or social media profile. Only one link may be included in this section of your article.