National Beehive


National Beehive with flat roof


National Hive is the most widely used beehive in the UK. It is the hive recommended and supported by the British Beekeepers Association. It is said to be based on the Langstroth hive. It is a great beehive if you keep bees for honey production. For natural beekeepers like The Hive, we keep bees mainly to support the bee population and the environment, so we do not have many national hives,  we have just one!  

If you are just getting into beekeeping, a national hive could be the best option for you. Other  benefits of a national beehives include the following:

  • Standardised across the British isle. This makes getting parts for your national hive anywhere in the UK easy and cheap.
  • It is modular, light and easy to clean.  All the beekeeper needs to do is turn the floor over.
  • It is lightweight and features large handholds. Thus easy to use and lift for one person.
  • It is  incredibly customizable, and is great for beginners starting out with their first beehive. 
  • It has shallow boxes that are used to keep feeders and accessories. 
  • It is relatively inexpensive. It makes it easier to expand your apiary
  • Recessed sides of both brood box and supers provide a firm hand hold for lifting.
  • The frames are removable which make for easier access for the beekeepers when they need to inspect the hive
  • With some basic modifications, you can make a national natural beekeeping friendly


You can find more information on how we turn a National Hive to a natural beekeeping friend hive. You can also sponsor or adopt a nation beehive on this page.