Welcome to The Hive and  thank you for stopping by.  This website is documentation of my journey into living a low impact and more sustainable lifestyle. This was a journey I meant to start many years ago. Like most people, when faced with taking a radically different path to the one they have known all their lives, they find reasons and excuses to procrastinate and delay making such a big life changing decision.

One of my excuses was that I don’t have enough time, no enough money, enough expertise etc. Partly galvanised into action by the worldwide pandemic of 2020 and inspired by the ancient Chinese proverb “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step meaning”, Even if that step is a hesitant and unsteady one, you journey has begun. In my case, my journey probably started by going in the wrong direction, but now that I have started the journey, it is easy to head in the right direction, once I have started than not started at all. Waiting for a mythical perfect time to start, delay the journey.

I hope you will find one or two useful information to take away from my journey into a low impact and sustainable lifestyle. If you started the journey before and have loads more experience, I would be grateful if you share your experience with me, by pointing me in the right direction where I am going wrong.